About This Station

The station is powered by an Oregon Scientific WMR 200 weather station. The data is collected every 60 seconds and the site is updated every 5 minutes with AJAX updates each 30sec. This site and its data is collected using Weather Display Software. The station is comprised of an anemometer, a rain gauge with increased sensitivity of 0,2mm and a thermo-hydro sensor situated in optimal positions for highest accuracy possible, UV and solar sensor. Anemometer and solar sensor are located at height of 8mtrs above ground and free from influences of nearby objects. Rain gauge, thermal and UV sensor are installed in the garden in locations that have minimal impact to measured values.

About This City

Jirkov (Czech pronunciation: ['j?rkof]; German: Grkau) is a small town situated between Most and Chomutov in the st nad Labem Region of the Czech Republic and is situated on the Chomutov - sti nad Labem railway line. Although geographically close to the German border, the presence of hills along the border hinders land travel to Germany. Jirkov is also a place of cultural and sports activities. A citizen can attend many sports clubs and organizations, use a large number of cycle routes around the town or participate in one of the town-organized activities. One such sport activity is Jirkov Crossmarathon.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jirkov

More : http://www.jirkov.cz

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